When I think of this word I think of Asia and heavy rain.  I don't really think of Colorado as a place that gets monsoons.  But, the weatherman and my mother use this word when talking about local weather.  For instance, they'll say "The monsoons will be coming next week".  When I hear this I want to look out the window for monkeys and watering holes.  But, as it turns out, though the word can refer to wind that brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia in the summer, it also can mean any wind system that influences large climatic regions...

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Fourth of July Parties

We still have a few openings before the 4th of July so if you call quickly we will be able to get your windows cleaned in time for your party.  And with these long days and lots of light, it is a perfect time to have your windows cleaned and looking crystal clear so even when you can't be outdoors you can still look out and see the beauty of summer.

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