We are at summer's peak

Right around August 1st I feel a change. It feels different in the mornings, and even though we are smack dab in the middle of summer, it feels like late summer and sometimes in the early mornings and early evenings a hint, just a hint of autumn glances upon me. The temperatures are hot, as to be expected in August, but there is still a coolness that is different from July and a warming of the colors. The greens are a little less blue and a little more yellow. 

Then of course there is the shortening of the days. Only just over a month in from the longest day of the year and I can feel the difference. I think my dad being an artist made me notice these subtleties. "The lighting has changed and the shadows are longer" or something along those lines is a frequent statement from my dad. And I get it, and it has even rubbed off on my kids. So I don't think it is because school rolls around in August which gives for an autumn feel. It's legit. The seasons fly by, cycle after cycle and I love it. 

Every season is a good season to organize and clean up messes and start fresh for the next thing that comes along. Window and gutter cleaning are little things that make a big difference. Gutter cleaning is just that maintenance chore that has to be done to protect your eaves and keep your house in good order. But, window cleaning makes the atmosphere of home all the better; bright, sparkling light to fill the rooms adds cheer and cleanliness. Give us a call and let us bring in the fall with our fantastic service.