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Winter's end

After a rough couple of years and a turbulent couple of weeks the burgeoning signs of spring everywhere from crocus popping up, to the morning birdsongs, to baby cows dotting the hills brings simple joys to those in need. Making home a place of sanctuary in an unsettled world is something that The Window Man can help create. Big remodels and large dollar investments aren't necessary. A good spring cleaning, with the basic home maintenance of window cleaning can bring the sunshine in. Open your windows, breathe the spring air and enjoy the beginning of a new season. Call Dan...

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Window Cleaning for your spring events

Mother's Day, graduation parties, and spring weddings are coming up. All these wonderful events make the already beautiful spring even better. Hosting these events in your home is a lot of work and every little detail counts. Having your windows sparkle for these special times actually does add that little touch that makes everything seem cleaner and brighter. You can focus on the food and entertainment - let us clean your windows and let the light in.   

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