Is home where your heart is?

Everybody is different.  Some people can't stay put for long, they like the change of new homes, new places.  Others like to grow their roots deep and stay put in one place for a very long time.  Some people like to keep everything that brings memories and the home fills up with goodies and treasures with a cozy clutter all around.  Others feel trapped by that and prefer a home sparse, empty and clean.  Then there are those who fit somewhere in the middle, but for all home should be a place that when you enter you can relax and find contentment.  A place where your husband, your wife, your children can return to and feel a sense of warmth and relief when they have had a long hard day away.  Most of that feeling comes from the people, but the material and physical aspects of your home can add to the atmosphere which ultimately can make or break that feeling of home.  As strange as it sounds, simple things like window cleaning can add a freshness and newness to a house which can help turn it into a home.  Give us a call.