Here is a good reason to get your gutters cleaned

A customer called in this week needing his gutters cleaned in a big hurry.  The gutters were full and all the rain we had was pouring over the gutters and splashing and seeping under the door.  The nice wood floors on the inside of the door were damaged.  Major bummer, but not nearly as bad as another customer whose basement flooded because of water pouring over full gutters into the window wells.  We naturally put them both on the schedule asap and got the gutters flowing properly.  However, it is always better to clean them before the rain overflows.

Some people think autumn, after the leaves fall is the best time to clean gutters, but the fact is that you should get them cleaned when they need to be cleaned.  It is that simple.  Some buildings can be on a set schedule, but others with many trees around need to be cleaned whenever they fill up. Depending on weather that can be once or multiple times a year.  Give us a call.