Cancelling at the door

If you wake up in the morning and it is overcast with rain in the forecast and you decide you want to reschedule your appointment, The Window Man is extremely flexible and understands. We are happy to reschedule your appointment. What we aren't happy about is when you cancel at the door. Denver no longer has light traffic and it is wear and tear on our vehicles to drive all the way to your house for you tell us that you would like to wait for a sunny day. We cannot control the weather, but we can control how considerate we are of others. If you want to reschedule or cancel, please make a simple phone call and we will be happy to take you off the schedule or reschedule you for another day and even if you think the cleaner is already on his way, we can call his cell phone and he can turn around and save himself time and money. We are in the office very early, you can call or leave a message and we will get it before we send a guy out to your house. Thank you.