A couple good maintenance tips

Now that your sprinklers are on regularly, be sure to have them adjusted properly so they do not spray your windows. After sometime, the water hitting the glass can cause mineral spotting and even permanent etching of the glass. In most cases, it is irreversible. 

Another good idea is to keep your window wells covered with a plastic cover or steel grate. Not only is this important for safety concerns, especially the steel grate, this keeps rodents out of the window wells. As window cleaners, we frequently find dead critters in people's window wells. The poor creatures die of starvation, dehydration and sometimes just fear. And keep in mind we are not a pest removal company, we do not clean up carcasses. So, it is a good idea to keep them covered. If you need a good company to purchase well covers from, call Joey Burton at Monarch Materials Group at 303-935-4679.